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Reclaimers should not be a “nightmare” to operate!

Most reclaimer designs use screws, paddle wheels or slotted buckets to lift and drag wet concrete mix uphill thru a bath of water. This is a “High-wear” approach which is both slow and inefficient, requiring more horsepower, and leading to increased operational and maintenance costs, and more frequent and expensive repairs. BFK harnesses the power of gravity to tumble the rock downhill out of the mix, before the sand is rinsed and dewatered. · Less Wear & Tear · Less Horsepower · Less expense · More up-time! That’s the BFK Difference!             

BFK Reclaimers: engineered to minimize maintenance! 

You’ve got better things to do, so stop wasting time greasing bearings, tightening leaky Shaft Seals, and maintaining your vibratory screen deck.    With a BFK, you won’t have to!

You shouldn’t buy more reclaimer than you need!

Many manufacturers sell only a couple sizes: small screw or big screw, your choice! BFK offers 6 different sizes and styles of Reclaimer, to fit your plant!
The BFK Difference!
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BFK reserves the right to alter specifications without notice. Metric equivalents given for reference only.
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If your Reclaimer uses urethane shoes, slotted buckets, plows, paddle wheels, “harp” screens, shaft seals, vibratory screen decks, greasable bearings, buffers, laminated lubrication charts, auto-greasers or drag chains It’s NOT a BFK!
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