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Harness the power of gravity! Concrete Mix flows downhill into the rotary screen, washing the heavy,    coarse aggregate (rock), and removing it from the waste stream first. Infeed auger flighting acts as a brake, not a conveyor, to ensure proper feed rate into the reclaimer. Only lighter, fine aggregates (sand) are conveyed uphill. Lower Horsepower required Less Wear and Tear on auger flighting Lower operating and maintenance costs
Simplicity in Design! Only (2) rotating assemblies [screen and sand screw].                            Screw flighting made of AR Steel on most designs. Screen replaceable with only 5 or 7 bolts! (depending on model) No bearings and No shaft seals to worry about and maintain. Replaceable UHMW Bushings support the non-drive end of each rotating assembly. Low cost replacement parts Easily removed for repair or replacement No need to remember to grease bearings!
Engineered for easy access! Access Panels on both sides of the machine, and at low (non-drive) end of Sand Screw, for easy clean-out and maintenance. Removable Lids cover the rotary screen section. Even the Drain Box is removable. Quick and convenient access to all locations of the reclaimer that may need clean-out or maintenance.
6 Different Sizes and Styles! Designs available for small, mid and large-sized Ready-Mix plants, Precast/Pipe/Block, Prestress, Volumetric Mixer operators, Concrete Cart-Trailer (you-cart-it type) operations, even GFRC! From 2 Yards-per-hour, up to 2 Yards-per-minute! [1.5 - 92 m3/hour] Buy only the size machine you need, not the size the manufacturer wants to sell you! Typical payback in 1 to 3 years!
Useful and Unique options available! Sand Screw Heater Keeps the lower sand screw from freezing, without the need to drain it out each night. Loop Detector Senses the presence (or absence) of a truck in front of the reclaimer, providing Automatic On/Off Pump-Puller Easy installation and removal of your submersible pump.  Helpful for pump maintenance and cleaning, and when cleaning out settling ponds. Flex-Flighting For Ready-Mix, keeps fine aggregate mixes like flowable fill and pea gravel mixes from flushing thru too quickly.
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BFK reserves the right to alter specifications without notice. Metric equivalents given for reference only.
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