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Generally recommended for Large Size Ready-Mix Plants Operating around 30-50 Mixer Trucks Design Capacity 1 to 2 yard3-per-minute [up to 1.5 m3/minute] 4 Truck Discharge

Model B2 Snubnose Concrete Reclaimer

Specifications, each Reclaimer 5HP [3.7kW] Submersible Pump 5HP [3.7kW] Rotary Screen Gearmotor 5HP [3.7kW] Sand Screw Gearmotor 14” [356mm] Dia. Infeed Auger, AR Steel 1/4” [6mm] Square Op. Rock Screen 24” [610mm] Dia. Sand Screw, AR Steel (2) Wash-out Stingers
Dimensions, Weight, Power Overall Dimensions, each: 12’L x 8’-6”H x 8’W [3700 x 2600 x 2500mm] Approx. Shipping Weight, TOTAL: 15,000# [6800kg] Standard Input Power: 230/460VAC, 3Ph., 60Hz Other Power Inputs available Ships Worldwide in two (2) standard 20’ containers.
The BFK Difference! Most reclaimers use Buffer tubs to attempt to increase traffic flow at their slower machines. Many claim to allow up to 6 trucks to washout at once.  Problem is, the buffer tubs realistically hold only about 4 yards maximum.  Any more than that, and all the trucks at the reclaimer must slow down and wait for the buffer to catch up. And that may be a while, as the rated thru-put is only 1/3 yd3/min! BFK eliminates the need for expensive buffer tubs (usually more expensive than the reclaimer itself) by offering a reclaimer design with superior thru-put speed! High Reclamation Rate Less Time at the Reclaimer Lower Equipment cost Built-in Redundancy! That’s the BFK Difference!
The Model B2 Snubnose Concrete Reclaimer System offers the ability to reclaim from 1 up to 2 yards-per-minute, from 4 trucks at once, with the added benefit of Redundancy! Competitive brands offer discharge “buffers” to feed their reclaimers, which only deliver about 1/3 yard-per- minute!  That’s right, it takes about 3 minutes to reclaim 1 cubic yard - up to 6 times slower than the BFK! In addition, if either the buffer or the reclaimer goes down, you’re done reclaiming until you get it fixed. Not with a B2 system.  If one Reclaimer becomes inoperable, you still have the ability to reclaim! Built-in Redundancy!
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