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Specifications 5HP [3.7kW] Submersible Pump 5HP [3.7kW] Rotary Screen Gearmotor 5HP [3.7kW] Sand Screw Gearmotor 14” [356mm] Dia. Infeed Auger, AR Steel 1/4” [6mm] Square Op. Rock Screen 24” [610mm] Dia. Sand Screw, AR Steel (2) Wash-out Stingers
Dimensions, Weight, Power Overall Dimensions: 12’L x 8’-6”H x 8’W [3700 x 2600 x 2500mm] Approx. Shipping Weight: 7500# [3400kg] Standard Input Power: 230/460VAC, 3Ph., 60Hz Other Power Inputs available Ships Worldwide in one (1) standard 20’ container.
Tel................. 920-894-1113 Fax................ 920-894-4991 Toll-Free (US)... 888-235-8235
BFK reserves the right to alter specifications without notice. Metric equivalents given for reference only.

Model B Snubnose Concrete Reclaimer

The Model B SNUBNOSE Reclaimer is the “workhorse” of BFK Reclaimers. Capable of reclaiming from 1/2 up to 1 yard-per-minute, the SNUBNOSE  can reclaim at twice the rate of some competitive models, allowing your trucks to wash-out and get back under the plant as quickly as possible. The patented design is an excellent choice for many Ready-Mix plants due to it’s combination of speed, simplicity, and compact size, using only 15 Total Horsepower! Available in Left– or Right—Hand Sand Screw Discharge to fit your plant. Optional Sand Screw Heater package, and Automatic Start/Stop also available.
Generally recommended for Mid- to Large Size Ready-Mix Plants Operating around 10-30 Mixer Trucks Design Capacity 1/2 to 1 yard3-per-minute [up to 0.76 m3/minute] 2 Truck Discharge
The BFK Difference! Most reclaimers use a “High-wear” approach to wash waste concrete, using Screws, Paddles and Bucket Wheels to lift and drag wet concrete mix uphill thru a bath of water. This is both slow and inefficient, leading to increased operational and maintenance costs. BFK utilizes the effects of gravity to tumble the rock out of the mix, before the sand is rinsed and dewatered. Less wear & tear Less Horsepower Less Expense More Up-time! That’s the BFK difference!
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